how do you defreeze ur bm to feed ur LO? I packed it and freeze it and whenever my Mil needs to feed my LO, she take it directly from the freezer the amount and 'crash' it to smaller pieces and pour directly into the milk bottle and warm it with the warmer... this is the 1st time I see her did it that way as usually I b at work and wonder if this is the right way? she say is faster but I concern abt the quality and amount.... as all of us know, every drop counts....

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take ip and reheat
Are you using storage bags or bottles? I use storage bags. So whenever my girl wanna drink, then i take the bag and put it under running water to thaw it. After that then transfer to bottle and heat u
I’d take out what my baby requires one night before and place in the fridge to thaw. For urgent ones I’ll put the frozen pack into a pot of water in room temperature to thaw. My MIL likes to break it
I would crush it into small pieces too..but put into bottle and just let it melt in bottle..if I need it to be warm I would use warm water immerse the bottle in it
I placed it in an airtight container and put in the chiller for thawing. I will usually have a par level of at least 2 packet in the chiller for thawing. Once 1 packet is finished, we will take out an