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How to choose which milk powder brand to buy for newborn?

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I usually read up on the ingredients used and compare them with other brands and what benefits does my baby get. however, if the baby rejects it, you will have to find another brand that has similar benefits. i chose similac and so far she loves it. if you are worried if your baby rejects the formula you buy, try buying a smaller tin first.

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you can check with your hospital what formula milk they're giving. like NUH, 2 years ago, under subsidised, they gave Dumex Dulac $14.80 milk. my son have been taking it & so far all is fine, he is 32 months now and still drinking milk from that brand.

not entirely sure but it also depends on the baby. my baby drank similac previously buy she was having difficulty digesting it and we changed to frisolac gold.

Meiji. Import from Japan. They have milk powder and cubes, easy for travelling. (:

For kkh they give Dumex gold so I just follow