how do you calculate lo's age? by weeks or by month?

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By months because that's the easiest way for me to calculate. If someone asks me, I would reply 3 months and a half or nearly 4. I don't bother with the weeks or days. But if I log down the milestones in the baby book, I use weeks to be more accurate.

Depending on what occasion ... If based on the Chinese birthday celebration, will calculate basedo in the chinese birthday. If generally, i will calculate based in mth like from 30th to 29th of the mth to considered it as 1 mth.

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When you're a first time Mummy, you'll count by each passing day with glee. As time goes by, it'll be weeks then round about 18 months later, it'll be years. Then soon, you'll be lamenting that kids grow up way too fast!

started with days.. after a month will be by weeks till about 2yrs.. then follow by months ... after 3yrs will be by yrs... go with your preference and of coz which is easier for u to rem? :)

By weeks?! Wow that would take a lot of math and dedication -- by months is the easiest. And when they reach 12 months, I'd start with the "normal" years -- 1 year, 2 years, 3 years old :)

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Hahha yeah but I don't think I have the patience to check the app each time someone asks. Haha.

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Intially I count by weeks when newborn. Then after my LO turns 1mth, I go by months. After 1 yrs old I go by years. Easier to keep track.

By days, even until now, to post on Facebook hahaha. But when someone asks me will round off to the nearest month. ^^

By months because it is easier to count on hands , you don't need any paper or pen to write down and then answer!

i count by week till like 4 month . then follow by counting by month till 4 year old. after that by year already

Since my lo is below 2, I'm counting by months. Once she reaches 2, counting by years would be easiest.