Belly button popping during pregnancy

Has your belly button popped yet?

Belly button popping during pregnancy
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Not everyone's belly button will pop out during pregnancy! It's simply the act of your stomach expanding so much that it pushes the belly button out, but sometimes there are women who have a real deep innie belly button or just doesn't have as big of a tummy than others so they don't have belly buttons popping out. Either way, both are normal and your outie will go back to an innie after giving birth (since your stomach will reduce in size too).

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Hahaha you know what's funny is that I've always had a "popped" belly button, it's just always been an outtie... It was the first giveaway when my bump started showing hahahah its so cute though hahah

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Mine popped really early during the first tri, only because it didnt fully return to original after the first :( I was an outie post-pregnancy and now it's beyond recognition. HAHA....

Almost at the end of m= second trimester and my belle button doesn't even look different, I have the imbedded button

I am 25weeks and I went for scan I was told tmy baby weight is 0.7kg, I want to know if it normal or is there a problem

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its Ok normal

Yes. And i love it because i was able to clean my very narrow belly button. I really had a hard time cleaning before pregnancy.

mine hasnt! is it normal not to pop? or maybe it will pop towards the later stages? clueless first time mom here.. hee

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Mine was always an innie, and never popped even during my last trimester. I guess it was too much of an innie.

27 weeks and look as big as 40 weeks. I constantly have to explain my over size tummy...sadly :-(

Yes it has and with stretch marks around it. Please will the stretch marks heal after delivery