Reviews on Dr Steven Teo from TMC STOG Practice

Hi, Has anyone engaged Dr Steven Teo from TMC STOG Practice? He was previously from KKH. Care to share your delivery experience and fees? Thanks alot.

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Hi! I’ve not engaged Dr Steven Teo before but I was in the same clinic attended by Dr Liana Koe. She’s patience & attends to all your concern especially me being the first mom. I just delivered to my baby boy this month via natural and I must say Dr Liana is very encouraging during the labour. It can range between $3-$12K depends on the type of labour & if there’s assisted equipment used such as forceps etc. They also have antenatal package that can be claimed via CPF of $900 max cap.

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1y ago

Hi regina, glad to know! How much was your total delivery charges after deducting medisave?