NUH private (delivery experience)

Has anyone delivered at NUH under private route? Can share your experiences (good/bad)? Thanks#1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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I delivered in Feb at NUH. Was subsidised but upgraded to private (without choosing doctor - I was ok with any so they assigned whichever private route doctor they had at on shift). My baby was is OP position - head down but facing my tummy instead of my back. They tried to turn my baby but she kept turning back. Doctor said I can do normal delivery but will be very painful even with epidural. Had about 6/7 staff helping me deliver as I was having a hard time and baby's head was stuck halfway. They were all very encouraging and pushed me on even though I really wanted to give up. 2 of them held my legs, 2 pushing my stomach to help baby out. Super painful and tough but without them, I might not have been able to give birth vaginally. They are super pro natural, so if that's what you want, it's great.

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2y ago

I requested on the day of delivery itself. However, it's based on chance. I was lucky to get a room. If you want to secure a room, best to book beforehand, but you'll be asked to choose a doctor and appts will be private from then.

I didn’t deliver at NUH but have heard they are not bad. Saw this article and hope it helps you decide. Congrats and good luck in your pregnancy journey :)

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3y ago

thank you 😊