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Hai all mummy, I'm new here. Just got pregnant, week 5. Any gynae recommendation? Wish to give birth natural (not C-sec) at Mount Alvernia. Have not see any doctor yet. Any recommendation nearby Sembawang area?

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My doc (gynae) - Dr Poon K.F is a pro-natural birth believer & he delivers babies mostly in Mount Alvernia, he’s very patient and so soft spoken that you will like him for sure. But he’s located in Hougang. Unsure if you are fine with it. You can find his good reviews among many mummies on the internet!

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Dr Goh Shen Li from Mount A is good.. Friendly and professional Dr who will clear all my doubts and concerns before even I throw all the questions.. The waiting time might be slightly longer because she usually has a lot of patients.

Dr henry cheng! Hes based at bishan clinic/mt e novena but he can deliver at both mt e novena n mt a :)

Toa Payoh Dr C H Koh Able to do delivery at mt Alvernia or Thomson

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Dr YC Goh at Thomson

dr henry cheng