Pregnant at 41

Hi guys! I have 4 kids and just recently found out that I’m pregnant with my 5th! After the initial shock I’m very excited but also rather nervous as I know the risks run higher with age. Anyone in the same boat?

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Hi! My mum gave birth to my youngest (5th too) sibling at the age of 44. So me (1st) and my brother (5th) have the age gap of 22 years. Hahaha. She opt of C-sec. So no worries! And congratulations. :)

My neighbor delivered her 2nd child at age of 44. Don't worry, relax and just follow your gynaecologist's advice. 🌈

Just relax and enjoy those journey.. 😊


Congrats! Take care💕

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hi, congrats!

It’s fine.

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