I'm 30 years old, do I need to take Nipt test?

Hi guys, this is my 1st pregnancy! 6 weeks right now.. im thinking about the nipt test and I'm confused if I should take it anot.. any suggestion guys to help me with my decision? #pleasehelp #firstbaby #advicepls

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Really depends on what your decision will be if u knew tt baby has abnormalities. For me, I knew I wasn't at all ready mentally to care for a baby with a major abnormality, so does my husband so we took the NIPT test. Also, I can't wait to know the gender. Fortunately baby came out normal and healthy. I was 31 when I gave birth. I also have a friend who still went for NIPT despite being ready to accept a baby with a condition. They just wanted to be more prepared in case baby has some abnormalities. Good to seek advice prior to birth.

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