I'm 30 years old, do I need to take Nipt test?

Hi guys, this is my 1st pregnancy! 6 weeks right now.. im thinking about the nipt test and I'm confused if I should take it anot.. any suggestion guys to help me with my decision? #pleasehelp #firstbaby #advicepls

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You doing private or subsidised? I guess is really a monetary choice. Did you speak woth a counsellor? Is really for a peace of mind..

3mo ago

I'm with kkh under private, haven't gotten the chance to speak to my gynae on this, my appt in 2 week times. so while waiting was just thinking if nipt is really necessary.

If you think you’re gonna keep this child no matter what then the results doesn’t matter.

its up to you if u going to take. from the result, it will state if any problem with the baby

if you are going to keep the baby no matter what happens, then no need to do nipt.

I wanted to but too expensive. luckily my baby was fine 🙏 I was 40 last year.

I’m 30 too. I took igene test. I’m glad that I took it.

it's recommended irregardless of age