Covid-19 Vaccine for Teens ages 12-17 yo

Great news because teens ages 12- 17 yo can now have their vaccine against COVID. If you have teens of these ages I encourage you and let ypur kid be vaccinated. It is important for them to have the Covid Vaccine for their protection especially now that kids are allowed to go to public places like malls. As a mom, I only want the best for my kid. Giving him proper protection in my only goal. Since Jc is only 5 yo and can't have the Covid Vaccine for now. It is a great start that teens can have the Covid-19 vaccine. Having them vaccinated will also protect unvaccinated kid like my son. It is so nice that slowly we are going back to normal. Hoping and praying that soon all can get their Covid-19 Vaccines. If you have question regarding vaccines. Join me and be part of this growing community of #TeamBakunanay Don't forget to answer the membership question in the Facebook Group.  Here's the link: #ProudtoBeABakuNanay #AllAboutBakuna #HealthierPhilippines #Bakunanay #VaccinesWorkForAll @theasianparent_ph @viparentsph

Covid-19 Vaccine for Teens ages 12-17 yo
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great news indeed 💉💙❤