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Any good UV sterilizer to recommend that can fit hegen milk bottles? Was also looking at haenim UV steriliser but not sure if 3G or 4G would be better?

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we bought haenim 4G and was never regretful. it saves us lots of time and trouble. 4g is better, prevents the UV ray from coming out like 3G. size is great too! highly recommended to buy during mummies fair.

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I found sterilizing so troublesome, I did away with it after 3 months. My gals are very strong and healthy. 🤪

5mo ago

Honestly can just choose to not sterilize. Wash it well n let it air dry will do, bottles n teats last longer also imo

Haenim fits hegen. Difference not much i guess? Just looks different to me

Don't need to spend so much on steriliser. Just get sterilising tablets.

KKH uses haenim.. so I guess it has to be good!