Any good recommendations for butter cream birthday cake? 2-3kg for celebration with playgroup mates.Reasonable price and has delivery option.

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I always get Bengawan Solo for their characters cakes because my kids' school are pretty strict in the source of the cake. Definitely no homebaker (if anything happen they must be able to trace the source) and must be halal certified. So Bengawan Solo is the best option.

Are there any Muslim friends in the playgroup? I would recommend Prima Deli and Polar Puffs & Cakes. They are halal certified by MUIS.

We used baker's heart and it was pretty good. Cake was nice and reasonably priced. They also reduced sugar for me as requested. I order every year for my 3 kids.... Her jelly cake is also nice

U can try pine garden! It's nice and reasonable price!

You may try bakers heart or Dream Cakes by Elena..

Pine garden! Reasonable price and great Flavours!

I usually go for pine garden for bigger cake !