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Hi all..my girl 2yr old is picky eater..she prefers spicy food..she only wgt 8.4kg which is underweight.i give her immunped by pd..and she on Friso. Anything I can give for wgt gain? Everytime I carry her I can feel her ribs ...I get so worried.

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Does she eat Everyday? What kind of spicy food though? Besides spicy food what she likes? Avocado milk shake? Cheese chicken bread/Pasta? Fresh milk & cheese sticks? Roast chicken vegetable mix? Rice with baked potatoes & chicken or fish fillet? Give her snacks in between meals too. Fruits , yoghurt etc

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keep trying.. https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/toddler/nutrition/Pages/Picky-Eaters.aspx Hope this helps

Hey, Try different kind of mix and matches in the recipes for her ? Also, please provide her multivitamins

Mummy my daughter also 2 year old picky also same weight kkh pd give her multi vitamin s

Like fish..she like d whole fish.. chicken..she will eat d one have bones