Short inverted nipple not able to latch

Just gave birth and was so demoralised when i asked nurse to teach me how to latch baby and they told me my nipples are short and inverted and not able to latch ☹️ and i need to pump instead Anybody facing same issue and did you pump thruout your hospital stay? Even when not producing anything you still pump every 3 hrs ? #FTM #firstbaby

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What nonsense did the nurse tell you wth… I have inverted nipples and I can latch too, just takes more effort. Nurse taught me to start with the inverted nipple first before giving the normal nipple so baby will “work” for it. You can get a nipple puller, use it before you latch. I latch or hand express (collect with syringe) during hospital stay as I tried pumping and nothing came out, milk stucked on my nipple instead. Anyways i stopped latching after 1.5m and transited to pumping cause it’s too tiring for me and I’m super lack of sleep. After 18 months of pumping, my inverted nipple became protuded 😅.

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My sil had the same issue, was advised to use something like this to help with baby latch and help with the pain… jiayou mummy!