Post Natal Depression

Just gave birth 2 weeks ago & i think im having the symptoms of post natal depression… I’ve been crying a lot & I don’t really have anyone around me at home to help out except for my mum & husband but both of them will be back to work soon… I will be taking care of my baby alone. How & where can i seek for help? #pleasehelp #1stimemom

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Having a child and taking care of a newborn who cries almost every hour and yet don't know what baby wants, is surely very overwhelming. When you say help, what sort of help r u looking at? If u just like to chat, there is alot Facebook support groups that links u to telegram or WhatsApp Edd chat groups. Mummy chats never sleeps, at any hour u will find ladies chatting and asking questions on breastfeeding, caring for bb etc. Having a baby is team effort, how about asking husband to take over night duties on his off days, so that u can at least have some night sleep then? For urself, try to catch some winks during the time when baby sleeps in the day. Hang in there mama, u r definitely not alone. It will get better as baby grows bigger. Ftm here too. I did my own confinement with not much help either, I didn't have a nanny and for the confinement food I never cook la, who has the time for it, so i ordered online.

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