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#ftm Hi all mummies, I feel marriage is so challenging and i do feel regret for that. Our differences make me not confident in this marriage. I really don’t know how to continue this. I know i dont do housework and cooking. At first, he knows I didn’t do all of these and then now always comparing me to others wife. Why others people seems like have happy marriage.

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Marriage is to compromise between both parties and accepting all their flaws and not wanting the other party to do all the work and changes, likewise in a relationship. IMO, both parties have to put in efforts. Don’t know housework, don’t know cooking no problem, learn. Otherwise hire a helper. If he got the time to compare, he sure have the time to look up some recipes and hands on. Cooking and doing housework together can be fun too, it does not mean you get married, your wife have to babysit you and the house. Split up the chores, cook on alternate days. It don’t have to be a hard recipe, a simple omelette and veggie is a good start.

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Everybody marriage comes with ups and downs too. Its always grass greener on the other side... i also cant cook and im not pro in doing housework too... how old are you btw? Im in my late 30s :)

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Comparison always makes people unhappy. Maybe just one ear listen and one ear out, dont take his ranting to heart. Take care young mama!

Don’t worry, hire a part time helper. Dont let all these affect ur marriage.


every marriage will have its own troubles... 🙏💕

compare him with your friends' hubbies

Ask him to hire a maid.