Will NB recognise who is the mother?

#firstbaby My MIL stick very closely with my NB since birth, will my NB recognise my MIL as his mother? Hug and carry, play with my LO, mimic me by singing the song i sing to my LO...i worry my LO will start to take my MIL as me.. i also didnt latch my LO..can my bb still recognise me?

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Don’t worry.. baby will recognise your smell.. my 3 kids are taken care by my mum and me as we stay in the same house n all 3 sticks to me like glue 🤣

1y ago

but i notice my LO only response (turn his head) to my MIL when my MIL call his name and dont response to me....


yes but it depend your baby will stick to who in future