For the first time my baby girl did not wake up for milk, her last fed was 12am and the next one is 6am. She is 1.5mo. Is that ok? Should I wake her up every 3h to feed her?

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Is she still jaundice? I will still wake baby up to feed. maybe not on the 3hr dot. probably the 4hr gap then i will wake bb up. As baby is still small, i will want bb to drink more to grow!

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7y ago

hahaha. then just let her sleep! take it as a quick enjoyment!

Are you feeding on demand? if so, I feel its ok. My 3mo baby miss her night feed once or twice too. I just let her slept through and fed her when she cried.

7y ago

Yes I'm feeding on demand. She's drinking 90ml every 2-2.5h. Was wondering if I should wake her up for milk.. Haha. Thanks!!