Round ligament pain?

At certain points of the day, i start to feel sharp pain or spasm & tightness only on the left side at my upper abdomen or stomach.( example while sitting on the chair/ while walking or at night) Is this how round ligament is like? when do you usually start having this, i had never experience such pain till now at 27 weeks. Anyone can share if u have experience such feeling?

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Round ligament is a sharp pain below your belly either on the left or the right side but you shouldn't feel any tightness unless you're talking about braxton hicks then yes. Starts at 2nd trimester to 3rd. Comes and goes for a few seconds and will normally go away when you change your position. It shouldn't be painful at all but just uncomfortable. This is how your uterus contracts and your body is preparing for birth later on.

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3y ago

okay, thanks for the info.