COVID-19 vaccines for teens💭

Finally after almost two years of being afraid and anxious on what our tomorrows will bring, the hope for a brighter and safer future continues to shine on✨ Do you have kids aged 12-17 years old? Were they vaccinated against COVID-19? I know a lot of my friends who opted to get their children vaccinated and it all went well 🥰 I know some might still have reservations about this topic but I hope soon we will all be on the same boat. As the numbers continue to go down, let us still do our part and never let our guard down. Join our Facebook community, Team BakuNanay here: . This is a safe space for moms like me, to raise concerns and questions about vaccinations in general. There are a lot of medical professionals in this community as well, always ready to help and give advices ❤️ #TeamBakuNanay #ProudtobeBakuNanay #VaccinesWorkforAll #HealthierPhilippines #AllAboutBakuna

COVID-19 vaccines for teens💭
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great news