No gestational sac at 5 weeks

Hi fellow mummies! Would like to see if anyone have any similar situation as me #pleasehelp #firstbaby #advicepls #1stimemom #pregnancy I was 5 weeks when I went to see a gynae & there was nothing in uterus (transvaginal scan) I usually have regular periods btw.. Doc say either too early, ectopic or sign of miscarriage Did a blood test at 6pm on 14/10 - 523 Another blood test at 8am on 17/10 - 1460 Which is doubling every 18hrs after I checked. I also have no bleeding, no severe pain nor cramping Doc said doubling is a good sign & I'm scheduled for another scan on 25/10. I'm really nervous however I do feel positive.. Afterall they said mummy's instincts! I do feel there's nothing wrong with my body but I can't help to worry.

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it’s very very normal bcos 5 weeks is super early!!! i only saw sac at 7 weeks!

1mo ago

this makes me so optimistic! in my next appt I will be 6w5d