Feeling dizzy during pregnancy

Feeling dizzy during pregnancy? Any tips?

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To keep dizziness from starting in the first place: Go slowly. Don't get up too quickly when you're sitting or lying down, since it can cause your blood pressure to drop, triggering dizziness. Make the most of the munchies. Make sure you're eating a healthy, well-rounded diet during pregnancy , with a mix of protein and complex carbs (like whole grain bread or pasta) at every meal to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Feast frequently. Chow down on several small meals throughout the day to prevent dips in your blood sugar, and carry healthy pregnancy snacks with you for a quick blood sugar boost. Good options: a mini-box of raisins, a piece of fruit or some whole wheat crackers. Fill up on fluids. Make sure you're drinking enough water , since dizziness can be a sign of dehydration, too. Aim for around 12 to 13 glasses of fluids a day, and more if it's hot or you're working out. Dress smart. Wear easy-to-shed layers in case you start feeling overheated, and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, scarves or hats. Don't lie on your back. In your second and third trimesters, it's best to avoid sleeping on your back , as your growing uterus can press on the vena cava (the main vein that carries blood back to the heart from your lower body region). That can interfere with optimum circulation and cause a feeling of dizziness. Get some fresh air. Spending too much time in a stuffy, overheated indoor space (like a crammed bus, office or store) can trigger dizziness, so as long as you're not feeling overly faint, try to take a five-minute walk outside every hour or so — which can help relieve other pregnancy symptoms like constipation and swelling, too. Hope the above help. Take good care and God bless you and baby.

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