Any recommendations for food delivery that is suitable for pregnant mum with gestational diabetes?

For example, are snacks like llao llao or Mr Bean suitable?

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I also have GD and find it very hard to order delivery even for normal meals. I usually snack on meiji oat biscuit/blueberries. I m not sure about mr bean but it sounds like it prob contains quite abit of sugar. Personally did not try when i noe i had GD. Plus i think its flour based so i also avoid. I associate them to be very sweet 😂

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Anything soupy is low in sugar. Example Vietnamese Pho, like So Pho you can order. Any food with brown rice option is ok but leave out the gravy or chilli. they're packed with sugar. While grain bread sandwiches are good.

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Llao llao contains lots of sugar especially with their toppings, I dont think that will suitable for your condition.

can try Mr Bean with zero or 25% sugar