HHN11 @8/9 weeks

Hi everyone, i’m currently at 8-9 weeks and i bought a tix to hhn11 before i found out i was pregnant. Will it be okay for me to go? Pls advice thank u! #firstTime_mom

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first tri? wah sis better not. if you are one of those that has morning sickness is a no no, also pls pls note that 1st tri is super fragile tho baby is a little bean. also, try to avoid anyth that may came in shock too. might create stress for you and your baby.

First trimester is very fragile. Even doctors will advice against travelling. I even spotted 2 days when I climb too much stairs and for the rest of first tri, I don’t dare to move much.

I think better not... long queues will mean standing for long, lack of water/beverages, you might have nausea/feel faint, and big crowd.

Hi! I’m a first time mom as well! Personally I would sell the tickets and wouldn’t go for it!

I'm 6 weeks now. If i were you, i wont go. First Trim too unstable

yes 1st tri is very dangerous. if possible dont go

I will choose not to go... 😅

Better dont esp in first trim

what's hhn11?

2mo ago

Halloween horror nights!