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Hello everyone.. I have my baby through iui process and I'm 3rd time lucky!! But somehow I realise each time I went to see our gynae, the bill come out to be around 200 +/- abit for consultation, ultrasound, pee test and supplement pill if needed. However I heard from friends about their gynae package which is like 700 plus and the package start from week 8 or so till them giving birth. The package my friends took up include consultation, ultrasound, pee test and supplement pill. However, I had ask our gynae about the package and package only start after the details scan at week 20, and is about $1200- 1400 for 10 session of consultation, ultrasound, and pee test. Supplement/medicine is not included. From week 20 to giving birth, probably I will be seeing the gynae for another 8 time. I'm not sure should we continue to see the same gynae or change because of the bill And I have not find out about the gynae charges for giving birth.. And I'm worry since the one we seeing now is kind of expensive compare to what I had hear from my friends.

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My 1st child was delivered at Gleneagles in 2018 the gyne Dr Fong had since retired. My wife is a foreigner and the cost for a single bed 3 day stay and 2 epidural ceasarean using forceps all the test and package total $14K. KK and NUH for foreigner will be abt $9K and no guarantee the same doctor u see will deliver the baby. My issus is with RH Women Sevice who I feel discriminate my wife when she went there by herself 3 and 4 consultation having to wait more than 1hr for Fish Oil prescribe by the gyne and after waiting so long none was available. The gyne has ageed for me to cancel $2200 package and refund me but almost 2 months now . Emails to the Manager Womens Centre Ms Glenda were not answered. I have went to TMC and see the customer service is 100% better than RH.

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If cost is of a concern to you, you should consider going to subsidy instead of private. Different private doctor charges differently hence I think it is not comparable. Go to Polyclinic get a referral letter and be a subsidy patient at NUH, SGH or KKH. But do note that under subsidy you won’t have a designated gynae attending to you. But the medical support and advise is the same thou. I hope the above is helpful.

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Polyclinic -$52.00 - 25 Nov 2020 Raffles Hos- $338.95 - 11 Dec 2020 Raffles Hos- $640.90 - 28 Dec 2020 Raffles Hos- $478.10 - 11 Jan 2021 Raffles Hos- $751.10 - 08 Feb 2021 The package is $2200 without GST and wasnt included here. The payment included 1st detail scan and urin test and vitamins (Folic Acid, Fish Oil etc)

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u should get a referral from polyclinic to gov hosp if youre worried about cost

ur must b private ba. my gyane told me the package start at wk 20 onwards