Hakubaku baby premium noodles is a must-try 🍜

Ever since Sidd started solid, my goal is to prepare a delicious and healthy meal for him every day. That is why I made him this chicken noodle soup with the following ingredients: ✅Hakubaku Somen baby noodles, ✅homemade chicken broth, ✅steamed chicken and vegetables, and my boy loved it. Have you heard about Hakubaku baby noodles? Hakubaku baby noodles are no. 1 premium noodles from Japan. It's easy and simple to cook and ready in minutes. Each pack is good for 20 servings and that is a great saving. The size of the noodles is perfect for little ones who just started solids as the noodle size is 1”. I also love the packaging, resealable and self-standing pouch, which can be easily kept for storage and most of all it is made with premium wheat and all-natural ingredients, no salt added. It can be in stew, soup, or stir fry dishes. Want to try this healthy premium noodle for your little one, mommies? Get yours at the major retailers. Visit singapore.hakubaku.asia for more details. #hakubakusg #hakubakubaby

Hakubaku baby premium noodles is a must-try 🍜
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Looks yummy!!