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My EDD will fall in march 2020. Any good confinement lady for recommendation? Thanks!!

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I used PEM for both pregnancies. Both turned out well with the 2nd one extreme good . She takes good care of me n baby . Even during break , she will jump Up at the sound of my baby . Don’t use Hp when at work or late in the night . With agency , don’t have to worry ‘fly aeroplane’ and there’s replacement. Most importantly they have experienced n r trained . They have to do health checkup too . You may join this Mar grp to ask for recommendation too

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Hi... you might find this article informative

2y ago

Many thanks. But i heard some horrible experience of some confinement agency. Thus thinking to check any specific good confinement lady which i can look for. Do you have any lobang?

Must interview them personally and ask alot questions.

2y ago

Any must ask question and anything to take note? Sorry as 1st pregnancy here