Hi! It's the first time I have encountered this but I put 2 packets of BM into the freezer. The next day I went to check n 1 packet was as usual frozen but the other wasn't! It's like very cold but not in ice form. Please advice why? THX!

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None of my friends have encountered this. I was curious and went to do a search online and found a couple of forum threads with the same issue. But none of them could identify the cause. One experimented with the bag that "refused" to freeze (she did not intend to use it as that bag did not freeze after three days and she has tried putting it in different freezers) and eventually got it frozen after leaving it in the room temperature and then back into the freezer. Another mother tried changing bags and that worked for her. Still, the cause remains a mystery... haha.. am I'm really curious right now as to what is the cause of it all.

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it could be because of excess lipasse, it is suggested that you scald the milk first and then freeze it :)