What insect bite is this

Does any of the mummies here know what kind of insect bites is this ? It will leave a black mark on her leg after it heal.. any medication I can apply to it to stop ? The bump will grow big and red and itchy .

What insect bite is this
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Trust me that is a mozzie bite. Your LO has allergic reaction to mozzie bite. My girl has the same problem.. the spot will be red & swells up. There will be like water sac in it. Brought her to a skin specialist when she was younger & yes, it was allergic reaction to mozzie bite. Check your hse or the environment your child is in. Sometimes it just take one bite for it to have multiple spots.

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10mo ago

I try to avoid giving my daughter soy sauce or food that contains soy sauce after the bite. It will leave a temporary mark then it will fade away.. don’t know what’s the link but that’s what my grandma advised. It works