Teeth Gap

Does it look like she has a big teeth gap? Will it close when she grows up? ?

Teeth Gap
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It will close .... She is too young anyhow

Erm Worry when she’s older?

Baby teeth can still move and it is not permanent

Not sure, too early to tell.

Yes it will close up. But just keep observing and bring to the dentist if you feel the gap is not decreasing

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Still a bit early to tell. Don't worry too much about it now. Their teeth can still move.

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It depends. Perhaps go see a dentist to confirm. She may need braces when she grows up.

My girl also have gaps between her teeth. It looks cute though 😂 But it will close up as they grow

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Yes. Will close.

Looks like there is a small tissue between her teeth. If there is, i think it will not close. My mom and auntie teeth are like that. My auntie have it removed and her teeth are now better