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Hi, does anyone here went for dr aziz for check up? May I know the pricing like or any packages? And is he good?Thanks.

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hi! i'm currently 32weeks 2days. i've been going to dr aziz since i found out that i'm pregnant. the pricing depends on your checkup. if i remember correctly, my first check up with him was when i'm 8weeks preg and the consultation fee was around $150 (not including any scans, vitamins etc.) and then second visit onwards consultation fee is $55 (not including scans, vitamins etc.) as for the packages (such as the doctor fee, room type, type of delivery etc) they will go through with you when you're about 27weeks+. i think their prices change every year or every few years so its best to just wait until they go through it with you. yes! in my honest opinion dr aziz is good! the best! he's very open. he explains everything very clearly and in terms that we can easily understand. (not in some doctor languages). waiting time at the clinic is not long. the longest i've waited was around 25-30 minutes. its never crowded. he's easy-going. easy to communicate with. so don't be afraid to ask/tell him anything! and the front desk people are friendly too. (: i hope this helps! 😊

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1y ago

I see, okay noted. Cause my first check up with him is next week. So just need to know roughly how much will it be.

A GREAT gynae! Funny and patient. Had csect with him last Dec and I have hardly any incision scar!

1y ago

I haven’t went for any check up. But just book him for my first check up. 😊