Gynae recommendation/review: Dr Tho Chin Keong

Hihi may I ask if any experience with gynae Dr Tho Chin Keong from Astra clinic (Jurong)? How is he like, is he helpful in providing advice and information? I know he delivers at Mt E, Mt A.. How is he like and on contacting him, may I know if it will be through his clinic or does he provide with mobile number? #advicepls

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he's really friendly and took his time to explain clearly any questions we had. he doesn't deliver at Mt E anymore, only TMC / Mt A. I usually call his clinic, no issues with reaching them so far (during working hours). not sure about after hours tho

He is an experienced doctor. He was my sister's doctor, she told me that her doctor was friendly and professional.

1y ago

Thanks for the reply! Just wondering if your sis mentioned if he provides information and details on his own? I'm quite averse to gynae who are fast yet "man of few words" cos it makes me abit unsure what questions I might ask..