period after loss

hi does anyone missed period after miscarriage ?? around how long do you guys mummy get period after loss ? as my period not yet come since my loss on February. me & my husband did had intercourse around march after my recovery. do i need to worry about me getting pregnant again ??

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Hi there, back in Oct'22 I had a miscarriage... the pregnancy tissue passed out on its own during the time, my period last for 1 week... the following mth, I immediately got my 1st cycle of period... according to the doctor some ladies will take 1-2 mths for regular period cycle to take effect... if after 2 mths u still yet to get ur period, I suggest u go back to the doctor to check... Usually after a miscarriage we will have a schedule appt with the docotor again. at the point of my miscarriage, docotor advise me to complete my 1st cycle b4 trying for pregnancy again.

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6mo ago

sorry to hear that, but may I know at how many weeks did u miscarriage?


My period came quite fast, 3 weeks after my MC bleeding stopped! Gynae advised me & hubby to use protection until 1x menses cycle finished to avoid pregnancy confusion. We had intercourse on my next ovulation day (after 1x cycle) and I just found out I’m pregnant again! Better to check with gynae or take a pregnancy test to make sure. Good luck! 😊

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about 1 month plus after miscarriage