Pregnancy rhinitis

Does anyone here have nasal congestion especially during sleep? I'm currently at my second trimester week 16. The nasal congestion started about 5 days ago and I visited a GP 2 days ago. Was prescribed nasal decongestion (oxymetazolin) for 5 days which works well but I realised the congestion has worsen after the effect of the medicine has worn off. The nasal congestion have been causing me sleep disruption (I wake up because I can't breath) resulting in daytime lethargy. I use a humidifier at night because I read online that it helps, but so far it didn't. I am also scared to use the decongestion even though it helps because the GP is not gynae trained and when I googled the decongestion that was prescribed, most articles says there's insufficient studies in pregnancy. Anyone else out there facing the same issue? I'm quite desperate now with 5 days of sleep disruption. Should I just continue the decongestion? #1stimemom #advicepls #pleasehelp Update: i stopped using the nasal decongestion and tolerated breathing with my mouth for a few days. Subsequently got better. Still using nasonex as clearance is given by my obstetrician 👍

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I have the same problem as u. Started 15 week currently 21 week. Gynae did prescribe medication for me but it didn’t work well. So I took a lot of vitamin C from fruit & veg. Currently I have less congestion at night.