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my doctor appt is in mid of may. i want to know about my pregency week. my first day of last period is 13 feb. i testes pregench test on 20 March but the result is negative. but i retested on 20 April again and showed positive. so how to calculate the due date? thanks

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Super Mum

Congrats! You should add 40 weeks to your last menstrual date & that should be your due date. When you have a detailed scan it will tell the due date more accurately.

It's the first day of your last period. Count from then onwards. That's the day your doctor will ask for anyway.

Try using a pregnancy calculator. you can find these online. Will give you a good idea of your edd.

Doc usually count last day of your PMS.

Try to use clear blue then it will indicate

4y ago

It means 3weeks plus since conception. Usually gynae will count estimated due date from your first day of last menstrual period. First 2 weeks considered as conception, so in your case depends on when is your first day of last menstrual period. When you visit gynae, he/she will tell you more accurately