Do you think it's ok to leave your baby less than 1yr at a day care?
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some moms cant afford the time off to that may be the only option for some families. i think i would do my best for spending time but if i need to work to make sure that baby has the best then i would work my a** off just to give my kid the best it deserves. it may no be right to others but you gotta do what you gotta do. it dont mean you dont love your child any less. just means you have to make money to help the child out. unless you had family or someone who you really trust to look after the baby instead of a day care. but if a parents gotta do what they gotta do then so be it. i think it all depends on the situation because i know for a fact i would love to spend all the time in the world with my little one who isnt even hear yet, but if i have to work to make sure it has everything it needs then i have to work. simple as that, yes it would be stressful but its the own parents choice i think.

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di ko pa kayang iwan kc di ako cgurado sa nag babantay baka di katulad ng pag aalaga ko ang gagawin nila sa anak ko.


Depends on parents condition and child condition but for me my child never leave day care (at this moment)

I wish I could stay home and just be with my baby but if I did we wouldn't have a home or food

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depends on individual circumstances... no one size fits all


depends on the situation

absolutly not

It depends

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it depends