Do you secretly eat unhealthy snacks behind your child's back?
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Yes, guilty!
No, I don't care if they see me
No, I don't eat unhealthy snacks

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no but i does not mean i dont care i still tell them na its unhealthy especially if soda. never pa siya nakainom ng soda and ok lang sa kanya kahit hindi siya oinapainom..:)

i eat and drink junk foods with my daughter. i want to share my food with her, although siya na halos umubos lalo na kapag ice cream and french fries.

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Chocolates are my weakness. And i often indulge in them even though they can be unhealthy.

not all time, very rare if I got more bore or don't have any option then only.

my little family not like a unhealthy snacks..but sometims can get it..

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Haha. I got to hide it if not she will just come over and have a bite.

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sometimes i enjoy snack with my son n daughter

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😁my child is also small,he didn't know.

Especially chips, chocolate and ice cream!

sometimes i did..sometimes not