Do you pray with your child before going to bed?
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My wife prays with our daughter before she sleeps every night. Once done she goes back to chores or enjoys me time. I sadly don’t get to join them.

We make sure that we pray altogether before we all sleep. but sometimes, we forget especially if we are all dead tired.

yes i will kpag nagkababy n ako... dis is a must. turuan ntin ang mga bata n magkaroon sila ng takot sa Diyos...

My 2 year old son knows the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory be, Prayer Before Meal and the Bedtime prayer.

Maybe pagmedyo malaki na si baby ko. Sanayin ko na magpray siya before going to bed at sa umaga paggising.

My kids are used to it. Sometimes we forget but they remind me and their dad all the time.

tinuturuan ko sya unti unti. pero minsan nakakalimot din kasi nakakatulog agad sya

praying time bfore bed time are strongest bonding with my children bfore we sleep

We make sure that we have our night prayer as a family before everyone sleeps.

I'll always believe in " The family that prays together, stays together"