Do you let your baby cry it out to sleep?
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Yes - and that's okay
No, it's too heartbreaking

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My baby cry when she wants to sleep but i never let her cry just wanna let her sleep. Its different. Imma fully direct breastfeeding mother, she always sleep on breastfeeding.

Before yes. But I found out that she manipulates me by crying until I give what she wants. So I just let her cry now and eventually she stops.

Try comforting your baby....ask family or friends if you need ideas that could be helpful. It's not good to let them cry too much or too long.


Cry it out causes insecurities and future behavioral problems in children so i will never allow it!

Yes sometimes. Actually babies cry either they're sick, hungry or sleepy. most of the time sleepy.

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There are other techniques that won't affect them later in life...

Once my baby latches, she falls asleep automatically.

no. I don't have baby yet but I can't let him cry

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no, because it makes him cough and throw up

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Depends. If sleep training then yes