Do you have a separate Instagram account for your kid?
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No, I post my kid's pics in my IG
I don't share my kid's pics online

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No, I’m very happy to have these 2 grown up boys currently working in insurance industry as a wealth planner building their own team together.

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Yes I have but seldom update there so sometimes will post on mine. Here’s my IG

Yes. My son has his own instagram account, for keepsake. Do follow him @dzakiy_furqon 😊

Yes, we slept together for almost 23 years and very bonding to each other.

They prefer to post their activities to friends and colleagues

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i posted some of my little one's activity on my IG account 😊

yes i do have an account on facebook not on insta

No... I share my kid's pictures on my profile.

No accounts for any social network at all✌

I post her pics on my own FB and IG.