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Did you buy a tin of infant formula to prepare in case milk doesn’t come in or baby needs more? Any Brands to recommend? Thanks! #advicepls #firstbaby #pregnancy

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Yes. Try Nan cause alot mama say it tastes more like breastmilk. Similac very sweet and fragrant, i was afraid my baby will reject breastmilk after trying similac since it is more sweet. My first born was dehydrated and triggered jaundice because I didnt know my milk flow wasnt coming that soon so I didn’t prepare formula. But now with my 2nd baby, i will prepare just in case. Cause when I saw my 2 days old baby sent to hospital and under the uv light shivering, it broke me so badly. Not gonna let it happen again.

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I didn’t prepare beforehand. I only purchase on the day I discharged. Hospital recommended me Nan Optipro HA and baby seems to take it well with no issue. She’s been mix feeding for 1.5 m before transiting to full BM. You may or may not prepare beforehand, but not every baby can accept certain brands.. So if touch wood baby cannot take that brand that you prepared, abit waste of money & time.

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my previous 2 kids,the hospital will provide a small tin of formula milk for them.but that was 14,15 yrs ago..i heard recently from my friends who just gave birth saying they dont provide it anymore..they encourage all mums to breastfeed instead.and if you cant breastfeed,they will teach you till u can breastfeed..and if thats really the case,i stress..😳😔🥴

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Hi there! I came across this article and it helped me in making my decision on which formula to get for standby. Already bought one while waiting for baby to arrive, just in case I don’t have any/enough breast milk. Hope this helps you too!

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The best is at least standby a small tin of baby formula when the day is nearer as recommended by hospital, in case the breast milk is not yet produce or a bit slow to produce for the first time. I personally had purchased Enfalac small tin while waiting for my baby to deliver after 36th weeks of pregnancy.

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If it’s public hospital, They can give the baby fm when you say you have little bm / nurse feed in nursery. For me, I standby a tin of fm. Maybe something easier and convenient for you to buy? I bought nan HA . It’s not sweet and in fact a lil type bitter and I do mixed feeds

did not prep beforehand as i feel like u can just go out to buy it anytime. Bought dumex dulac as it's cheap, why waste so much $ on expensive fm when they're really all more or less the same

You can always request for premixed formula milk in the Hospital and see if your baby can take it. if baby can accept it then buy a bigger tin, so as to not waste money