Any major side effects on COVID-19 vaccines? For mums who have taken it?

Dear Mummies, I am struggling to make a decision to whether I should take the vaccination for COVID-19. I’m currently at 23wks now. Anyone suffered from major side effects after their jabs? #pleasehelp #advicepls #firstbaby Gynae said it’s ok to take the vaccination but not 100% sure if it will have any side effects on the baby.

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I’m at week 27 and after much thought, I decided to take the vaccine yesterday. Because I think the risk of me getting covid and affecting the baby is more than the vaccine affecting the baby. I got assurance from my Gynae that the vaccine will not pass through the placenta to the baby only antibodies will. With Singapore opening up and the more contagious delta variant, everyone around me is fully vaccinated and they can still be carriers of the virus to me. Weighing the pros and cons, during delivery I will be exposed to a lot of people in and out of the suite. And my original plan of vaccinating after confinement. I’m worried that my body might be weaker and any side effects I am worried I can’t handle especially with a new born around. So thought that now is the better time to take it. Either way it’s a risk! So it’s just to weigh which risk we are willing to take. And don’t feel pressured it’s all a personal choice and you must be comfortable with your decision :) Didn’t get any side effects though maybe just slight headache and lethargic. And of course, sore in the arm at the injection spot!

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Thank you!