Dear Mommies and Daddies, Would you still send your toddler to Child Care Centre if you have submitted the withdrawal form, pending the 30 days Notice? According to ECDA, the child has to attend at least 1 day in order to qualify for the approved subsidy.

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I would continue to send my child to the child care during the 30 day period if i am unable to find someone else to take care of her/him. However in your case if you believe your child is falling sick every week due to the child care, you might want to consider forfeiting the initial deposit and finding other alternatives to care for your child.

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True, the child should have minimum of 1 day attendance at the centre to be eligible to receive subsidies for month of withdrawal. I think it's best to approach the child care centre directly for disputes on financial matters, lest they refuse to refund the deposit.

Sorry may I know what is your concern? I gave 1 month notice and still send her there....

4y ago

I withdrawn my child because she got sick every week. So I am hesitating sending her during the 30 Days Notice.

Noted, thanks for sharing, Eileen! 🙂