How to stop Breastfeeding/Pumping

Dear All, I am currently trying to stop Breastfeeding but I don't know how. Possible to guide me along? Thank you.

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Super Mum

How many times are you feeding now? You can slowly decrease the number of feeds, once you're feeding only once or twice it's easy to stop completely. Don't pump unless you feel heavy and uncomfortable. If you're not feeding/pumping often the milk supply will naturally decrease. Try going a day without pumping then drag it to 2, 3 days, eventually the milk will dry up on its own. It's quite simple, the hardest part is baby will be upset 😅

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you need to slowly drop pump and drag time to prevent getting mastitis. you can use cold cabbage too it works for some mummy. or even mint tea or mint stuff.

1y ago

can the baby drink bm after i intake mint tea or mint stuff?