31 weeks (questions to ask).

Currently 31 weeks. I’ve been feeling extreme fatigue/backache and pelvic pain. At night, I experience chest pain as well. Working as a teacher. I am planning to request for HL. My maternity leave begins in September 13. I am taking private currently at KKH. Has anyone tried asking/requesting for HL before maternity? Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I’m wondering that too. I’m with KKH under subsidized but will be converting to pte before birth. So not sure if the docs will be happy to give HL. I’m 30 weeks and will only take my ML 1st Oct. I’ve heard it’s almost impossible to get HL at a govt hospital. So do let me know if you’re able to! No harm asking your doc at the next visit.

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It’s very hard to request for HL at kkh. I met with a car accident when I was around 26 weeks pregnant with my #2. Was sent to kkh via ambulance. They only gave me 2 days mc cause they said according to their protocol, they can’t give me HL cause I didn’t want to be admitted. They can only issue HL if I admitted into the hospital.

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some gynaes do give HL before maternity, but I'm not sure about KKH. you can try asking!