Any comparison between "I can read", "kumon English", "KRTC" or other enrichment class

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My boy was enrolled into I Can Read last time for about 8 months. I did not see any improvement on him so I withdraw him. The teacher was encouraging but I feel they did not understand my concern as my boy did not know how to read at K1. I would strongly suggest KRTC read-in-a-week phonics class! It helps my Son greatly in understanding English, reading and speaking too. He's able to read well after attending the lessons for few months and shown great interest in it.

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5y ago

which krtc centre?

I don't know anyone who did Kumon English but Kumon Mathematics helped alot of my younger cousins improve. If the methods and fundamentals are similar then I would imagine Kumon English would also have the similar personalized drills to improve reading and writing.

My wife used to be a kumon teacher. She told me kumon style will be like repeating listen a disc and doing some basic phonics and learning of sentences. With such basic it still helps kids to learn and practice as a beginner

Thanks a lot for valuable suggestions