What hurts more - giving birth or getting kicked in the balls?
What hurts more - giving birth or getting kicked in the balls?
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Giving birth
Getting kicked in the balls
Cannot compare

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It is so prego moms!! I give it down to them they are just amazing they,push out a baby that really hurts and like for hours. Also they hold the baby in there bellies for 10 months and have morning sickness and back pain and everything else, now I'm not going to say getting kick in the nuts doesn't because it probably does, and by facts what I seen it hurt like really bad for like a few min. So Moms are queens. Please let me know if I left anything out.

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well the thing is...there is obviously a clear winner...You may hear a women ask for another child...but you will never hear a man ask to get kick in the balls for another time...so there's your answer...if you know what i mean...

2mo ago

I'm hoping you're smart enough to understand that women say that not because they want to feel the pain once again, but because they want to welcome a new human in the world. The pain is not what's wanted here but rather what it brings, a life. A kick in the ball brings nothing but pain(also lowers chances of having a baby) if childbirth was pure pain and nothing more, if it didn't bring a new life to earth, then no one would want to re experience it.


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i sure both r damn painful