yellow liquid oozing out of cord

My breastmilk dripped inside accidentally, I am not sure if it will cause an infection or isit infected...

yellow liquid oozing out of cord
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No... breastmilk is very good and have alot of benefits, one use is when baby has teary eyes. Just clean with clean cotton balls daily and especially after every bath to make sure that part is not wet. Don't worry, the dripped breastmilk will not cause any infections but if you're worry, bring baby to PD to make sure everything is alright.

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breastmilk suppose to be good for skin and recovery purposes so shouldn't be bm causing it. have to make sure that the area after bathe is dry..once cord touches water it will have some yellow stain and will stain on my gal diaper. please monitor and see if there is more of the liquid.