Preparation for birth

Hello! A bit of an intimate question! Hope you ladies don’t mind 🤭 to prepare for birth do you shave? Or go for waxing or kept the hair? It’s just that it’s so sensitive in that area these days I’m wondering what did you do? Thank you!

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Hi! Ive been sugaring my pubic hair since prepregnancy, i dont shave, and i went for sugaring few days before my edd(induced). Cause i know after birth i wont be able to wax or sugar for few months 🥵 and yes it hurts more as youre nearing edd cause your pubic area is kore swollen

Waxing... i'm not worried about how it looks like during birth..I'm more worried about them shaving it for me for stitches... and shaving grows less than 2 weeks... it will disturb the healing process...

The nurses will help you to shave so don't worry 😜 I prefer to trim it short then shaving as I don't like the prickly feeling of new grown pubic hair and sometimes it will cause ingrown hair 😅

definitely shaved. even before marriage, before pregnancy, during pregnancy, before childbirth. after childbirth. i. must. shave. 😂 it has become a habit.

I take pictures to see how it look down there and decide I should give it a shave to look presentable at least. lol.. due in 12 days.

I did waxing 1 week before EDD. And it’s also my first wax so I almost kicked the lady 😂

I shaved before going into delivery. But the nurses still shaved me down before delivering..

i shave on my own for every child birth. dont feel comfortable with the bushes growing. 😅

i wax regularly pre pregnancy, so I carry on to wax two weeks before my planned c section


waxed a week before edd . ended up w e.csect , nurse still shave for me.